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Karen Hegarty

If you are looking for stunning, flawless makeup let me bring my skills, passion and expertise to create beautiful makeup for you.

I have worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years.

I am continually updating my training to keep up with current trends.

Initially mainly in the bridal sector, then moved into photographic make-up and have been working in that area for over 10 years.

This is my full time profession and I’m available week days and week ends – sometimes I may be able to accommodate bookings at short notice.

I have experience in all areas of photographic make-up including body painting so I am not offended by nudity or working on adult shoots.

I am 100% reliable, I offer a professional service with a friendly and relaxed manner. I have experience in the studio or on location. I can offer advice on make-up and styling or work closely to a brief which ever is required.

I have worked with many Top photographers and Models. Numerous bridal catwalk shows (inc.for Signal Radio) Charity catwalk show for “CLIMB” Photoshoots for “Face Of Cheshire” MUA for lighting course ran by Marc Byram I have trained with Elite Microblading approved and fully accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) and Guild in UK.

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We often get asked if the treatment is painful. In general, this treatment is designed to be painless. In the end, it depends on the client as anxiety or fear of the procedure may make the client feel some discomfort.

Of course, the specialist can use a numbing cream to ease the client and numb the area where Plasma treatment will be done on.


The plasma treatment triggers the body’s natural healing and repair systems and can help with reduction of Fine lines, Wrinkles, Hyper-pigmentation, Hypo-pigmentation, Stretch marks, Acne Scars, Scars resulting from physical injury, etc.

--The procedure is quick and safe
--No thinning of the skin
--Fast recovery (redness only for a few days)
--Cheaper than traditional surgical methods
--Long lasting (depending on lifestyle and aging process)
--The final result is comparable with the soft surgery treatment

The Plasma treatment uses the fourth state of matter – plasma. Tissues treated »sublimate« and we avoid spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas.

This technique uses ionized gases in the air to create a small electrical arch, similar to a tiny lightning bolt, with which dermal and epidermal problematic areas may be treated.

When the electrical arch – plasma – touches the skin surface, the heat widens the acne and is transferred into the epidermis all the way to the papillary layer which contains fibroblast cells. The result is contraction and tightening of the skin cells. Consequently, the excess skin is reduced and the result is comparable to lifting or wrinkle reduction.


The results of the Plasma treatment are permanent and may be visible for years. But we should acknowledge that the aging process is continuous and thus the skin ages every day after the procedure and this cannot be stopped.

The results of this method are permanent, but when we talk about mimic facial lines (worry lines) these may recur quickly because muscles are stronger than the skin and consequently the lines recur.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is the art of placing pigment under the skin to give the appearance of make-up which does not wash off.

Microblading eyebrows is highly skilled and is achieved using many different methods. This procedure is highly successful and gives a Fantastic lasting result. A full consultation is carried out a week before your treatment.


• Because every hair on the missing part of your eyebrow is drawn individually, which makes the eyebrows look as natural as possible

• Because you are fed up with filling up your eyebrows with a pencil every day

• Because you want to look natural and put together even when you wake up, relax on holidays or exercise

• Because the final look is adapted to your hair colour, skin tone and the direction of your eyebrow hair growth

• Because your face will look more youthful and brighter while you will be more confident


• The durability of the pigment depends mostly on the skin type and life style (exposure to sun, cosmetic procedures, etc.)

• The results of microblading can last from 1 to 3 years

• About a month after the procedure, the client comes in for a check-up and a touch-up (included in the price)

• A touch-up once a year is recommended to retain the saturation of pigment


• First we consult with the client about their wishes and evaluate the condition of eyebrows

• Then some initial drawings are made and corrected until the client is fully satisfied with the results

• We take photographs of the eyebrows and digitally check their symmetry

• We match the colour of the pigment with your hair colour and skin tone

• The procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours

• We meet strict hygiene standards in compliance with all relevant legislative requirements

Work Areas

Areas I Work in the UK

Microblading Crewe

I own a salon in Crewe that I use for my Microblading Treatments.

Microblading Sandbach

I offer Microblading to ladies in the Sandbach area. Its only a 10 min drive to my salon with easy parking just 2 min walk away.

Microblading Cheshire

I have been told I am probably the best Microblading Artist in the Cheshire area by all of my clients. Well I actually get called their Brow Goddess! Makes me so happy that I can transform the look of my ladies after years of neglected brows!

Microblading Nantwich

Clients are always overwhelmed at how their eyebrows are transformed and usually share them on Facebook after their treatment! I only use cutting edge techniques that deliver the best results in Cheshire (my clients tell me this) - I am 100% perfectionist by nature.

Microblading Alsager

I offer Microblading to ladies wanting the perfect brow in the Alsager area. Its only a 20 min drive to my salon with easy parking just 2 min walk away.

Elite Microblading

I learnt my skill by attending the Microblading Academy Course represented by the masters of the microblading - Bojan Joncic and Maja Lipovec. (seen in the video below)

Plasma Pen Treatment Before and After

Plasma method is an innovative and revolutionary treatment that helps in minimizing common signs of aging such as fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, bothersome moles and acne scars.

It is a method where no surgical procedures are required, which makes it an increasingly popular treatment. The entire process is simple, non-invasive, with minimal pain and downtime, producing only mild redness for a few days.

This method is perfect for customers which want to get rid of the effects of aging on their skin but are afraid of pain and high costs. There is no heavy healing time required after the treatment.

There are no stitches, heavy swelling or similar side effects so the client can continue with normal activities right after the treatment.

Plasma Pen Treatment Nantwich

Plasma pen treatment in Nantwich is permanent and may be visible for years. My new treatment is now Available to all clients in the Nantwich area.

Plasma Pen Treatment Cheshire

This method is perfect for customers which want to get rid of the effects of aging on their skin but are afraid of pain and high prices. I offer Plasma pen treatment in Cheshire.

Fibroblast Plasma Pen before and after

Whether you have droopy eyelids or bags under your eyes, crow’s feet, saggy skin under your chin and on your neck, or you have lines around your mouth, we can help!

It can help get rid of forehead creases and scowl marks between your eyes, smile or smoker’s lines and droopy jowls are no problem.


I am now able to offer my new and exisiting clients plasma pen treatment.